Monday 16 January 2012

Pattern Giveaway Results

Thanks to everyone who responded to the giveaway and helped me make some room for new patterns!  I can see more pattern giveaways in my future.

Here are the results, please can you send your mailing address to me at alchurchman AT gmail DOT com.

1) V2463 ELMO
2) V2588 Coffee Addict
3) V2513 Sunny Optimist
4) V2679 Beth (Sunny Gal Studio)
5) V2074 Lynaeve
6) V2362 Ringadal
7) V9907 Meigan
8) V7682 Debbie Fox
9) B5173 Christine
10) B3397 Heather Rose-Chase
11) V7648 MAD14kt

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Allison and sorry that I am very LATE getting you my info :)