Wednesday 11 January 2012

Sequinned T revisited

I wore my sequin t a few times over the holidays, it was a great item to have in my wardrobe.  There were quite a few sensible questions in the comments and I just wanted to answer them here so that they don't get missed even if it is a bit late to whip up one for New Years Eve.  Or you could just be very early for 2012!

On a related note what do people think is the best way for dealing with questions - should I put the answers as a comment, edit the post, send a reply to the commenter or put replies in a later post?

Jane - TNT means tried and true, basically a pattern that you have fitted and can use over and over.  I used the term here to mean that you can make a sequin t from any basic t pattern, you don't need to use the same one I did.

The other questions were all on the same theme;

Blogger a little sewing said...

Did you sew through the sequins, or did you pick them off on the stitching line

Blogger Cennetta said...

Question: What type of needle did you use?

Blogger The Slapdash Sewist said...

Any tips on not wrecking your scissors or machine with sequins? Did you have any trouble stitching over? Were you using a metallic needle? I just did a project with a knit mesh with a few sequins sprinkled on it and even those few sequins caused much groaning among my equipment.
Well this is a bit embarrassing, I am going to out-slapdash the Slapdash Sewist!  I did nothing special at all, just ploughed ahead without thinking to be honest as I wanted this to be a quick project.
  • I just hacked right through the sequins with my scissors (admittedly they will probably never be the same again, but they seem to be working fine.  (If yours are precious definitely use some old ones!).  
  • I shook off the sequins that came off easily, but certainly didn't diligently pick them all out of the seam allowance.  You would have to with beads which are more 3 dimensional and would definitely break your needle.
  • Speaking of needles, I used a bog standard universal needle, just what I already had in my machine and changed it afterwards.
Sorry I know this doesn't help very much!


  1. I like responses in a new post. That way we all get to see them! Sometimes there are some great tips, points that I would miss otherwise:-)

  2. This is wonderful to read! I've not sewn with sequins much, and have just hacked through with whatever I've been using for scissors and needles. I've often felt guilty reading the details of how others will carefully remove and re-attach sequins, because I will always use the slapdash approach when wanting a quick fix!

  3. I agree with Karin, I like responses in a new post.

  4. Me three - a new post always is easier to read and easier to find if someone wants to go back and look for the info.